Yoga- How to Prepare/What to Expect

To start, there’s a gazillion types or styles of yoga! Don’t let this overwhelm you, just read a bit about the styles here. Then pick a style out and research a yoga studio or gym near you that offers that style, or, vice versa- Find a yoga studio or gym first, then see what styles they offer at a time that is convenient for you. This shouldn’t be too difficult, because yoga classes seem to be offered everywhere these days.  I suggest researching the instructor that will be teaching your class to make sure they’re a certified and registered yoga instructor (not all of them are), ideally through the Yoga Alliance. Also know that most classes go for 60, some times 90 minutes.

Once you have a class picked out:
1. Maybe eat a small snack (a banana or a handful of nuts) at least 20 minutes in advance, but nothing too heavy within the hour leading up to class.

2. Arrive 15-20 minutes early. This will allow you to pay, if you haven’t already, sign a liability waiver (something everyone/everyplace has you do), locate the restroom and go if you need to and get situated in the room you’ll be practicing.

3. Wear comfortable clothes. This doesn’t have to be $80.00 yoga pants that can be seen though! It can mean a pair of sweat pants and a t-shirt. Make sure it’s comfortable and you can move unrestricted in it.
4. Turn your cell phone off (or at least silence it).

5. Gear up with a mat, which can be rented if you don’t have your own, along with any accessories/props offered. This could be a strap, a block or two, a bolster and, or, a blanket. Often times if you look at the front of the room, the yoga instructor will have set out the props they will want or recommend you to have for the class as an example.

6. Introduce yourself to the instructor if they’re available. And if you have any injuries (a torn rotator cuff, a spinal injury, even a sore pinky toe) or concerns (it’s your first time doing yoga and you don’t know what you’re doing), tell them about it. They’ll appreciate the information so they can better guide you through the practice.

7. Take off your socks. Your feet won’t grip well on the mat if you don’t.
8. There might be chanting or a few “Om’s” sung. Join in if you feel comfortable, otherwise just listen and observe.

9. Listen to the teacher. Follow their instruction best you can.

10. Know that child’s pose is always an option, at any time. beginners-pose-child-pose

11. Enjoy yourself!

12. Approach the instructor after class if you have questions or concerns.

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